Essentiella kolhydrater

Jag tog några minuter idag och kollade upp Fredrik Es nya fina forskning och hittade direkt via Google följande:

Two prominent researchers have accused Mannatech, Inc. of making unwarranted claims for its ”glyconutrient” products. For many years, the company has claimed that certain sugars may be lacking in people’s diet and that supplementation with these sugars—using its Ambrotose® products—can enhance people’s health. To support its claims, the company maintains a Web site that cites research from legitimate journals along with reports from other sources.

Filmen kommer alltså direkt från ett företag med mycket tveksamma metoder. Vidare finner man:

  • Some of the studies are legitimate but have no relevance to Mannatech’s health claims.
  • Larch bark arabinogalactan supplements have shown no measurable health effects in the few human studies in which they have been tested.
  • No credible data support claims of health or therapeutic benefits from oral administration of aloe glucomannan in humans.
  • The emulsifier gums included in Ambrotose Complex have not been the subject of any PubMed-indexed human clinical trials for any indication in the past 25 years.
  • Thus there is no convincing support for human therapeutic or health claims of Ambrotose Complex or its components.

In 2007, the Texas Attorney General accused Mannatech of violating the Texas Deceptive Practices Act by encouraging and allowing their distributors to make claims that mislead consumers into believing that the supplements dramatically cure or treat serious illnesses [2,3].

Ny forskning my ass!

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